Summer, 2016

Hello from our kitchen at Claire's Corner Copia. We hope that your summer was and continues to be filled with good health, a lot of love, and really fabulous garden fresh and organic vegetables and fruits! Summer remains our favorite time of year, mainly because we get to celebrate the season with beautiful fresh, really fresh, organic squash blossoms, squashes, corn, tomatoes, greens, herbs, and more tomatoes! Tomatoes are finding their way into most of our soups, salads, and entrees. The variety of heirlooms tomatoes are both beautiful and delicious, and like people, each one has a little different kind of goodness than the others. 

Other new and fun things we've been making for you include our organic hibiscus lemonade and Italian sodas. We infuse gorgeous, deep magenta, lightly dried (drying concentrates their wonderful floral-lemony flavors) organic hibiscus flowers to make a syrup for our lemonades, our Pellegrino and Hibiscus syrup for our Italian sodas, and for our bright pink frostings for our cupcakes. Also, we've added several new, organic green smoothies that we hope you'll try if you haven't already enjoyed them. 

Always seeking more ways to help you to eat and drink well, we hope you'll add organic fresh turmeric to your smoothies, and our Golden Latte Smoothie. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants and adds a very slight lemony-mustard punch to your drinks. 

Organic Kale and Avocados remain your faves, so we continue to add new specials to keep us both energized and eating well. 

In honor of our upcoming 41st anniversary - Really, where did the time go:-) we are paying tribute to our beloved organic farmers. Without them, and you, we couldn't do what we love to do.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We hired an artist to create a mural running along the soffit of our ceiling throughout the restaurant. Holly created a farm scene and it is so beautiful a reminder of where real food always begins. Please come see it.

I'm sending your thanks and gratitude for your constant love and support.


Claire, and our entire fabulous team at Claire's Corner Copia

Gerardo, Celestino, Juana, Erin, Margie, Alana, Rocio, Adriana, Eufemia, Alyse, Carl, Kendell, Patti, Felix, Tonny, Izzy, Raul, Emily, Kaitlin, Matt, Tia, Kay, Natalie, Remsha, Connor.